Richeson Lyptus Wood Dulce Easel: Choosing an Easel for Painting

If you are starting out as a painter or looking for a gift for a creative teenager or adult, one of the best choices is an easel. Easels are used for acrylic and oil painting, and actually make it easier to paint. In fact, the right easel is necessary to really be able to work with acrylics […]

Watercolor for Beginners

When you think back to the type of watercolor painting we all do in elementary school, it is not surprising that we are all fooled into thinking that watercolor painting is a simple art form. The opposite is true, however. Watercolor is actually considered to be one of the most difficult types of painting because […]

How to Choose the Perfect Floor Sculpture Stand

Choosing the perfect floor sculpture stand is not simple for anyone. Depending on your unique needs and standards, different factors will decide which stand works best. Generally, quality is most important but here are the characteristics to look for when finding a durable and versatile stand. Look for Reliable Materials There are many sculpture stands available in […]

5 Tools for Enhancing Art Interest in Students 1

According to Americans for Arts, art education for children and youth includes many benefits. Learning about and participating in art throughout childhood can increase critical-thinking skills and enhance children’s ability to follow-through with goals throughout life. Since art is something that is enjoyed by people of all nations and backgrounds, exposure can help children move […]

An Easel’s Tilt Gives Kids a Hand in Drawing

A child benefits from using an easel in drawing and writing because during development the wrist naturally bends back at an angle compatible with its tilted drawing surface. It meets them halfway as the hand and arm muscles used in fine motor skills develop. Experts recommend that children use an easel as early as age two. While […]

Tips for Developing an Artistic Style 1

“Good new art may not look like art. Inspiration doesn’t follow style, it creates it.” – Darby Bannard Developing an artistic style is often a silent, nagging concern that plagues an artist, because in essence it is the resistance that stands between each artist’s clear access and expression of her or his internal voice. Each […]

Holiday Surprises – a Sturdy Metal Easel! 2

My husband is one of those impossible to buy for people. You know the kind, not only do they have everything they want, but they’re also picky about what they need. This is especially true in his case with his art supplies and equipment. After a fall art show, he vented a bit about how […]


Gift I Found – Kopykake KopyRite KR100 Artist Opaque Projector

I was shopping on the internet, looking for art supplies to buy as a holiday present for my artist sister-in-law, when I came upon the words “opaque projector” and found myself backsliding through time; twenty years back, to when I was an art-challenged kindergarten teacher. My five year-old students actually laughed when I attempted to draw anything. So […]