Monthly Archives: October 2013

Loving My Cake Decorating Projector

At the big-name chain store where I shop a custom-decorated half-sheet birthday cake costs $35.00. I know this because I’m the official birthday-cake baker in our family, and last year my granddaughter wanted a Hello Kitty face painted on her cake. Not sure I could pull off such a request and not wanting to disappoint […]



Why I Paint Outdoors (And so Should You) 2

My art studio is a 10-by-5-ft. space in the best-lit corner of our garage-turned family room. Like many amateur and aspiring artists I manage to be creative without the luxury of a quaint garden cottage filled with natural light and protected by a locked door that actually keeps kids and dogs from tramping through any […]

How to Choose an Easel that Fits Your Needs 1

Shopping for the perfect easel can be overwhelming. Not only are there are a plethora of choices on the market, but those choices vary greatly in price, purpose and size – which are all factors that should be taken into account before purchasing the best easel for your specific needs. The choice to use an […]



New Art Supplies Blog from Madison Art Shop

Well, here I am starting a blog. Not that I know anything about blogging, sorry to say. However, that might just be a plus! My name is Jacob, and I am the CEO of Madison Art Shop. They tell me that my site needs a blog (even though others tell me that is not necessarily true.) […]