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Well, here I am starting a blog. Not that I know anything about blogging, sorry to say. However, that might just be a plus!

My name is Jacob, and I am the CEO of Madison Art Shop. They tell me that my site needs a blog (even though others tell me that is not necessarily true.) So here I am, giving it a try!

With my main site  primarily being an online retail site of fine art supplies, (plus more,) I was told to write blog posts about the various art suplies and equipment that we carry. However, I felt that would seem to be planning more of just posting sales-pitches here. I didn’t think that what was what a blog should be. Sales-pitches are good for my retail website. However, for the blog I would think writing about  painting and art experiences would be of more interest to readers. (Which you like to read?)  So, the theme of this blog will be about experiences in learning and creating art (and we may throw in how some of our art supplies were the solutions!)

In case you are ready to give up this blog being written by me, don’t worry – I will not be the main writer. The blog will be written by employees here at Madison Art who are artists themselves. (With your’s truly maybe popping in as a guest writer here and there.)

Believe it or not, I am not really much of an artists. I do know art supplies, and believe that I have some buried talent in me. But I never had the time to try to bring any artistic abilities that I may have to the surface. My amazing wife, Sharon, is the family artist. Actually she is a quite prominent local artist and art teacher. (She could certainly make it much larger than just locally, if she had the time too.)

When we first got married, I got Sharon to give me art lessons. We scheduled in an hour a week for this. Half way through my third lesson, Sharon gets up an abruptly and says that she is quitting on me. (Quitting on my private art lessons, not on the marriage, thankfully!) I could not understand why. I thought I was doing so well. When Sharon told me that is precisely the reason! She said my natural talent is so strong that if i keep it up I would be putting up nicer paintings on the walls than her! To this day, I do not know how serious that answer was, true or not true just to protect me(?) In any case, it was the end of my art education. But not the end of my art appreciation, with my highest appreciation for Sharon’s art! I will try to get her to blog in here too, which is sure to be a treat for us all!

Until next time,

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