Monthly Archives: November 2013

My Long History with French Easels 1

When I was in college working on a painting and printmaking major, I was chosen for a semester of study in Europe. I grabbed my paints and brushes and with great anticipation as to what was in store, I flew into Germany. I went to the car dealer and ordered a van for my travels […]


Go From Sketch to Art in Minutes With the KopyKake Projector 2

As a child, and budding artist, one of my favorite pastimes was watching my aunt paint. A local favorite at exhibitions and fairs, her floral and landscape watercolor paintings hang in numerous homes, businesses and even the local hospital. I remember watching with fascination how she would somehow quickly transform slides she had taken of […]

The Purpose of Different Paint Brushes 1

Many beginner and even advanced painters are often overwhelmed by the wide selection of paint brushes available on the market. Because of the plethora of choices, artists often get stuck in ruts where they only work with one or two brushes most of the time, when this can greatly hinder their creative ability. Learning the […]



Unique Art Supplies You Probably Don’t Own but Should!

From beginners and hobbyists to even the most advanced artists, many people who paint, draw or experiment with other mediums often tend to stick to the same set of art supplies while making a work of art. Whether it is due to pricing, comfort with the tools or a lack of knowledge about other supplies, […]