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Everyone has at least one of these people on their shopping list for birthdays, holidays or other special occasions. That’s right, it’s the dreaded hard to buy for person! In my case, it’s my husband and my dad. They’re both hardworking, creative guys who have an eye for quality and always need more space to store their tools and supplies.

My husband tends to be one of those people who are very discerning in the quality of what he wants and only wants a few particular things. He had started learning leatherworking a few years ago, and he was always complaining that his tools wouldn’t stay organized in the bin he stored them in. There were always bits and pieces rolling around, and he would have to unpack most of what was in there if something fell to the bottom. What’s more, it was difficult to keep together the sets of punches, stamps, rivets, buckles and other oddments.


He had been complaining about it again a few days before Father’s Day when I finally found the perfect tool chest for him. We were out running errands when I ran into one store for “just a second”. Walking through the store, I spotted it from half the aisle away and had to go look. I was almost expecting to hear a heavenly chorus, this tool box looked so good!

It looked like something out of yesteryear, built of strong, durable red oak. It had a green felt lining, to keep tools from rolling around, tons of small drawers in the front to keep everything organized and a huge bin on the top. It was easy to secure, with a locking top lid and front panel, which is great when our 8-year-old shouldn’t be getting in it. So what was this wonderful, fabulous container? It was a Gerstner International Machinist Oak Tool Chest 532:

When I bought it, I wasn’t sure how well it was going to work, since it’s a machinist’s tool chest, but it’s worked great for him. I do a lot of jewelry work and am thinking of picking one up for myself – the little trays are perfect for beads, findings, small tools and wire, and the top has enough room for a small anvil, hammers, wire and similar bulky items. The lower trays would hold my design layout trays perfectly. It looked even better in real life. There’s also an optional base that I haven’t picked up yet, but may down the road – they go together like the steel mechanic’s modular tool boxes they sell at the big box stores, but so much better looking. And best of all was his reaction – he loved it!

My dad is another one of those hard-to-buy-for people – But I finally found this perfect gift for him this year! He’s a woodworker who always has tons of tools and bits in random plastic bins, coffee cans and old cardboard boxes. I think this would probably work equally well for someone working with paper crafts, embroidery, painting and so many other areas!

- Cathy V.

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    This item is available at Harbor Freight an other a Home improvement stores for $79.95
    [Editor's note: Sorry, that is another item and not the Gerstner name brand. Do a search for "GERSTNER INTERNATIONAL Machinist Oak Tool Chest 532" and you will see our price with FREE shipping and no tax the lowest!]

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    I have the whole three price tool chest & could not be happier. ….I model n scale trains, and I keep my air compressor, paints & tools in them they work greatttttt :)
    I seen them in stores for almost twice the price. .

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