I Invented Cyber-Monday – Seriously!

painting-supplies-2I Invented Cyber-Monday.
I know what it sounds like, but it is actually true.
Here’s my little story. It was way back in November 2002. Pretty early on in online stores. My Madison Art Shop was one of the relative first.
We had a forum back then where all of us ecommerce entrepreneurs
businesses would post our questions and comments for discussion, and someone posted how we all better get ready for the upcoming Black Friday, which should be a major sale day.
Well, I posted back my thoughts, that I don’t think that Black Friday will be our day. I believe that the masses will be out at the malls that holiday weekend and not be big on surfing the web until the coming Monday.
My theory, which has since been proven, is an issue for the business offices of america, while being a boon for ecommerce – people go to the beach on weekends and do their online shopping while they are supposed to be working doing M-F 9-5 business hours, (The computer is right there in front of you…) I said that I expect the big start of the online sales season not to be on Black Friday, rather on Monday!
Well I was proven correct! However, it wasn’t until the following year that pundits plagiarized my invention (or is it my “discovery”) and coined the name “Cyber-Monday” to it.
But let’s not forget me who called it first. Me!


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