Today I took an art supplies order that I found just so sweet!

sweet couple in artToday I took an order that I found just so sweet! This customer calls up that his friend lost all of her art supplies, so he would like to help her re-start with some brushes. I showed him some of the Kolinsky Brushes for more professional work, as well as some of the less expensive art brushes we carry for beginners. He wasn’t really sure what his friend needed, so he opted to send her a Gift Certificate to our website.

When I was taking down the information of where to send the gift certificate, he told me to send it to “Dina” at her email address. I asked him for her last name, and he didn’t know!

Do you hear this? He was helping out this girl who lost her art supplies, by sending her a gift certificate, and all he knew was her fisrt name, but not her last name. I found this so touching!

Gotta go. We are taking the family on a little family vacation to Pennsylvania – HersheyPark, Amish Country etc… (Hmmm, I wonder what the Amish do about art supplies…)

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